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Going to the movies is one of America’s favorite choices of entertainment. Movie tickets can cost as much as $12 or more just for one ticket. Not Anymore! With a Cinema Deals account you can get our 5 pack of movie tickets for $30 ($6 per ticket!). Get a sneak peak on how you can pay $6 for movie tickets with today’s awesome deal: Spend $15 and subscribe to CinemaDeals... As a bonus get 2 movie tickets to see any movie, 3D, or IMAX show with initial signup!


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  • Good for ANY movie, 3D, or IMAX show.
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View theaters in other areas:
  • Landmark Egyptian Theatre

    805 East Pine 98122
    Show map

  • Landmark Harvard Exit

    807 East Roy 98102
    Show map

  • Landmark Varsity Theatre

    4329 University Way Northeast 98105
    Show map

  • Landmark Metro Cinemas

    4500 9th Avenue NE 98105
    Show map

  • Landmark Guild 45th

    2115 North 45th 98103
    Show map

  • Landmark Seven Gables Theatre

    911 Northeast 50th Street 98105
    Show map

  • Starplex Cinemas - Gateway Movies 8

    2501 South Gateway Center Boulevard 98003
    Show map

  • Cornelius Stadium Cinemas / Act V

    200 North 26th 97113
    Show map

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Limit 1 Cinemadeals account per household. Movie ticket codes can only be used on time up to the amount of the promotional value per ticket. Movie ticket codes must be generated within 30 days and expire 30 days from the date they were generated

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Buy a 5 pack of
movie tickets for $30.
Buy a 5 pack of
movie tickets for $21.
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Email Movie Tickets or Restaurant.com vouchers directly for your Cinemadeals account. Avoid shipping, handling, and any other miscellaneous costs with gift giving!
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Buy $50 Restaurant.com vouchers with your Cinema Deals account for only $9.95 each. Access 18,000+ restaurants to eat with your movie!
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For every 5 invites you send to family or friends, we will give you 1 FREE movie ticket
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Note: Additional features requires active account. Limit to 1 movie pack each and 2 restaurant vouchers per month.

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